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There are many ways that you can become involved with 9minds!

Create Like A Child

9minds offers opportunities for big and little kids to engage in projects that develop creativity, as a platform to empower new perspectives. These opportunities will focus on performance, visual and audio art and writing.  If you would like to know more about Create Like a Child opportunities in 2018, please email 


Tailored packages offering unique sponsor benefits are available year round.  Details to follow.

Charity Donations

Once established under Australian law as a charitable foundation, the ChildLikeMe Foundation will be able to accept tax deductible donations for supported charities.  Details to follow.

Do What They Think You Can't Project

If you are aged between 10 and 20, feel you would thrive working on the Do What They Think You Can’t project, please contact from 1 July 2018, with up to a 250-word written piece, up to five minutes audio or video piece, or a one-page visual piece (that can be emailed or uploaded to Dropbox in copy) on the Velvet Rabbit themes. See the Do What They Think You Can’t page for further details.