Speaking Up

…art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.

by a quite famous politician J. F. Kennedy

ChildLikeMe Foundation


Sometimes I get annoyed because adults don’t listen to kids, think we don’t understand, or that we’re not old enough to make a difference. But kids understand and can do a lot.” 

All kids are more alike than we sometimes think.  No kid is more or less or important. But all are important.  The 9minds’ ChildLikeMe Foundation, currently being established by an Australian law firm, is intended to raise money, from 9minds projects, for charities that benefit children in Australia and abroad. 


Pending creation of the Foundation, 9minds is proud to support…

The 2018 Indigenous Literacy Foundation Great Book Swap, Australia

To raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, 9minds with other community partners will host a Book Swap in 2018.  20% of the booking fee for the 2018 Performance of Velvet Rabbit will also be donated.  Details to follow.


The Little Hearts Fund, Sri Lanka

All sale proceeds of Brave Adventures, Little Girl, our first book for children, and 30% of the booking fee for the 2019 Sri Lankan Notary’s House Creative Writing Retreat, will be donated to Little Hearts, raising money for the new Cardiac and Critical Care Complex for children in need, Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Sri Lanka.


Saying nothing, doing nothing, achieves nothing.  

Our Arts’ campaigns advocate and support change.

 speaking OUT about issues affecting the community

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