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Presenting Kids Like Me

9minds is proud to support its first social enterprise started by a kid,
Kids Like Me

With the goal of raising $2,500 by New Year’s Eve 2020, Anika will soon be selling t-shirts she designed to raise money for charity One Girl.

In a difficult year for so many people around the world, 12-year-old Anika has been thinking a lot about what her privilege means.  Having acted in TV commercials since she was 7-years-old, she also understands the power of the media in enterprise.  

After a school project in 2019 that encouraged students to create their own businesses with items they designed, Anika decided to start her own social enterprise.

Showcasing her love of creativity, she will launch Kids Like Me in September 2020, a not for profit business supporting local charities with items designed by and to support young people.

This year, Kids Like Me has chosen to support charity One Girl, which supports the education of girls around the world. In Sierra Leone a girl is more likely to be married before the age of 18 than she is to finish school and only 16% of girls ever complete high school.

Anika’s first product is a t-shirt valued at $24.95 which features her own design and the Japanese saying, “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight”, which speaks to the importance of resilience in kids, particularly in a challenging year. All profits from sales are going to charity.

One Girl’s Rosanna Drew said, “We are so grateful to see young people like Anika motivated to see real change in the world.

A pupil at a prestigious Melbourne school, Anika was inspired to think about what she could do to make a difference in 2020, after seeing the impact of bushfires in Australia and the pandemic the world is contending with.

We had to home school this year for the first time, and girls at my school were lucky because of the resources. Kids Like Me aims to support girls who are just like us except they don’t have the same opportunities. will be launched in September 2020.

For information, images, product and requests for interview, please contact:  Julia Ferracane, Publicist, Saint Copy PR & Communications e: p: 0424 180 420

Let’s be frank.  There’s a lot of talk out there about issues affecting young people, but not so much written, curated and delivered by young people.   That’s not great.  What it can mean is Arts’ companies like ours, which focus on works for young people, can seem like adults telling young people what they think, feel, and is important to them.  We really don’t want that.  To keep 9minds in check, to ensure we are being provoked to be ambitious with our projects, and to ensure we understand what’s important to young people, their voices need to be heard.  To achieve these aims, we are committed to working with young people on our projects.  We aim to provide a forum for their yarns, their views and their work.


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