About Us

Kids Like Me is a project by kids for kids

My name is Anika. I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I founded Kids Like Me because I want to make a difference for kids like me who don’t have all the chances I do for education, safety and health.

There are lots of examples of kids in the world who have made a difference. Malala, Greta…we all know these names. They showed us all that age isn’t a barrier to making change. They did it big but any change is important. That’s why we’re starting with one small project that will hopefully make a difference for kids.

Kids Like Me is a social enterprise. That means it’s a not-for-profit business that donates the money it makes to kids’ charities.

How do we raise funds?
By selling products designed by kids … for kids

You can help. Click here to visit our shop. The profit from all products sold will support important kids’ causes. With our first project, we aim to raise $2,500 for charity One Girl by selling at least 500 t-shirts by 31 December 2020. After we reach our goal, we will expand our product range to other items designed by kids. The only requirements – the products are designed by kids and the profits from sales benefit kids’ charities.


Join the Kids Like Me Tribe

Kids Like Me donates all its profits to charities that support kids


In our first project, we’re proud to support One Girl. Right now, 130 million girls around the world are being denied an education. That is huge, especially when you think many of us in a country like Australia, girls and boys, take education for granted. You can learn more about the work of One Girl here.

You can help. How?

Join our tribe by clicking here. Send us your ideas. Talk about how we can help. For Kids Like Me’s first project, buy one of our t-shirts and help us raise $2,500 for One Girl.

These t-shirts were designed by Anika, our 13-year-old founder. The message “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight” is a Japanese proverb all about resilience. That’s more important than ever for kids in a year like 2020 when our world turned on its on head.

So I hope our message is clear. This is all about kids helping kids.

We don’t need permission to make the world a better place. And we don’t need to wait until we’re older. We can start right now. And we can do it together.


How you can make the world a better place

Buy one of these t-shirts and you’ll not only support a kids’ social enterprise … but you’ll also do good. Profits will be donated to One Girl, which is helping underprivileged girls around the world get a proper education. Join our tribe by clicking here.

Send us your ideas. Talk about how we can help #kidslikeme

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