We are thrilled to announce that Brave Adventures, Little Girl will be published by Little Steps Publishing in 2018.


One of the keys to literacy in diverse communities is children seeing themselves reflected in stories in a positive way.  But children’s books which contain culturally diverse characters, telling positive and engaging stories are difficult to find.  Written by Iresha Herath with her daughter, and her late father, this lovely book is illustrated by talented French artist Oscar Fa.  Australian author and comedian Catherine Deveney has written a glowing testimonial for the book!


step 1

Write the Book

A book I made for kindergarten when I was four with my grandfather, has been turned into a children’s book by my mother.  The story is about me and my grandfather.  My grandfather did have a lot of brave adventures, and I loved hearing about them.  My grandfather also did charity work in Sri Lanka, so we wanted the book to raise money for that work.

Find an Illustrator

Oscar Fa’s pictures are amazing!

step 2
step 3


Little Steps Publishing, will publish the book in 2018.

All sale proceeds of Brave Adventures, Little Girl, our first book for children, will be donated to Little Hearts, raising money for the new Cardiac and Critical Care Complex for children in need, Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Sri Lanka.


Stay tuned for more information!